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There’s a picture of Naia Kete singing into a microphone at the age of one. At age 8 there's another, still singing into a microphone, except the venue is no longer her living room; it is Cape Verde in front of 30,000 people. By the time she reached 13, Naia found herself inducted into the well-traveled 'conscious' reggae roots group Black Rebels. With the underlying message of unity and peace, the Rebels aren’t just musical acquaintances, they are her family - stepfather, mother, father and brother. She had a part in composing the songs that would be recorded and taken on tour, as well as the inclusion of her own pieces in the group's repertoire. Fast forward five years and at age 18 she has spread her wings and recorded her debut solo album Sweet Music. It's no wonder Naia turns heads when she opens her mouth to sing; she's steeped in music, grew up with it like a sibling.

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