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Naiad biography

Naiad was a hardcore band from Kyoto, Japan. Formed in March 2001 they combined emotional hardcore with ambient instrumental music. member: atsushi 6Strings (Guitar) hatta 4Strings (Bass) mutsumi voices (Vocals) seiya 6Strings&message (Guitar and Vocals) yoshiken Earth beat (Drums) (from the Hardcore Emotion EP Booklet) In July 2001 they released their first self-titled demo tape containing 2 tracks, followed by the contribution of 3 songs to the “Change It From Ideal To Real” split CD of February 2002. With the release of their MCD “Hardcore Emotion” in 2003, they quickly established themselves as a leading band in the japanese hardcore scene. After two members left the band for unknown reasons, a planned CD release for August 2006 was cancelled. They played their last show on January 8, 2006.

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