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Naildown biography

Naildown is a breath of fresh air in the modern hybrid metal hall of fame. The band members have already cut their teeth with several underground bands. Helsinki-based Naildown was born in Eastern Finland 2003 under the name Acid Universe: two demos later, the band had shaken off their project status and emerged on the scene as a full-time death-dealing force, launching their debut “World Domination” on November 2005. Combining the best of several genres in the vein of Strapping Young Lad, In Flames and Opeth with expanded versatility, while effortlessly alternating between several vocal styles (from the gruffest Alexi Laiho bark to Opeth-style croon), Naildown certainly know the tricks of their trade – and then some: there are a many surprises on the way. On their new effort the band lays out a riff tsunami of brutal, yet blindingly skillful guitarwork and a violent soundscape due to the fact that “Dreamcrusher” was recorded at Sound Supreme studios, mixed at Hansen studios, Denmark and mastered at Finnvox studios.

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