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Nais biography

IVAN- A.K.A - NAIS. 2002. After appearing on the radio in 14 years, music became an incurable disease. From early childhood he formed his musical influence inspired by Prodigy, and genres such as Hardcore, Jungle, Jump Up, DJ Hype, Noisia and Neuro.El Powerful sound has always been in his blood, 2008 formed his own sound, strength improved only 2010, signed tracks with Overtech records. That same year, he was a member of the Best DJ NeuroPunk podcast 20 with his subject Nais. - "HAVE TO SAY," and then would sign with house Tamrecrods currently one of the drum n bass producers greater influence among the European public, with a total of 14 releases in the NAIS is nicknamed the market in his country as the new RECEIVER, and is arguably a heavy machine! Is one of the founding member DABROmusiс Record Label.

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