Naive top 20 songs


Naive biography

Gerald Biggs recorded these songs that were conceived in the armpit squat of the Manor while a rotting white cat with bloody eyes spread its disease everywhere. We jammed on them once a week for a month straight in the infected genitals of the former brothel and our current practice space, the Ironing Lady. The songs are about having chemical imbalances and wanting to meet someone with your opposite brain damage, the suicide you will never commit to your favorite 45 but often jerk off about, having your girlfriend find your jack shack peep show tokens and its ugly aftermath, wishing you had a different thing between your legs, and suburban degeneracy from hexed teenage magic. 6 scummy pukers for the ugly and dumb. Created by four retards with little to no ambition in life except daydreaming and doing everything wrong perfectly while hoping the shitstorm comes with a map we can read. Inspired by the Jim Carroll Band, Leaving Trains, Replacements, brain manias, The Children Of Nuggets, Yellow Pills, Hubert Selby and Looking For Mr. Goodbar (1977), Straight Time (1978), and losers everywhere. (2) Naive is a hip hop producer from Manchester, one member of the 3 Amigos trio made up of Naive, BVA & Leafdog. He is also part of the group 'Tactical Thinking', Naive has worked his magic alongside Pete Cannon and produced beats for such MCs as Dirty Dike, Suave Debonair, Dr Syntax & Fliptrix. He also entirely produced the first disc of Jam Baxter's double disc album 'Rinse Out Friday / Spack Out Monday'. (3) Frenc band that plays music in such genders as: atmospheric progressive metal

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