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Naje biography

San Francisco chanteuse, NaJè, brings a steamy chill-noir soundtrack to the electronica landscape with Cinephoniq v. 2.0. The album is a wonderful jazz-infused compilation mixed Naje's sultry sound. Her style is heavily influenced by jazz greats Billy and Ella, yet uniquely her own. NaJè met sound designer/producer mBlaze in LA in the late 90’s where they decided to join forces after quickly realizing they shared a mutual passion for video/film and music. They both worked together for software start-up,, producing interactive music visuals for artists such as Moby, Earth Wind and Fire, De La Soul, and George Clinton. In 2001, they began writing and recording tracks for ‘Cinephoniq’ Volume 1 and 2. Najè started her musical career in Athens, GA (indie-mecca and land of R.E.M., The B-52's, Man Or Astroman?) in the mid 90‘s where she worked with Man Or Astroman’s? Hayden Thais, after playing with the all-girl band The Supervixens.

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