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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Nash is an English acid jazz group founded by Russell Nash, previously songwriter for Shola Ama and All Saints. They released "The Chancer" in 2001. 2) The correct tag for the Spanish boy band is D'Nash. 3) Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band from Colombia, formed in the '80s 4) Nash are a rock group that had their cover of "Naked City" included on the album "Undressed: An Unmasked Tribute to Kiss". 5) Nash is the name used by Texan country singer-songwriter Bill Nash, who released his debut album "Paved Away" in 2008. 6) Nash is a female rapper from the Ivory Coast. She was born in Doukoue and grew up in Man (Ivory Coast). Nash discovered hip hop in 1996, when she saw Priss'K perform on the national television channel TV RTI. Nash began writing lyrics and in 1997 and formed her first band with friends from the Man region. In 1998 Nash moved to Abidjan, where she began infiltrating the underground environment with her music. After an exceptionally good concert in Nouchy (nouchy means French-African slang) she was invited by rapper Boni (R.A.S.) and French rap star Joey Starr to participate on Enjaillement - a compilation produced by Nouchy Productions. It was on this record that Nash used the Magic System's huge hit 1er Gaou to create her own version: 1er Djandou. The song is about women returning to violent and dominant men. It is thus transformed into a defense of women's rights and emancipation. The success of 1ere Djandou took Nash to several African capitals (Lomé, Cotonou, Ouagadougou) and earned her supporting acts for Magic System. In 2005 Nash collected a group of famous rappers and reggae toasters from the Ivory Coast. The band was called Gbonhi Yoyoyo (Hip Hop Family in Nouchy slang) and the intention was to spread joy and hope to the civil war struck Ivory Coast. The album Ya Koi Même, released in 2006, was a huge success and sent the band touring in Europe. Nash has recently delivered a Nouchy guest appearance on the French rapper Mokobe's latest album: Mon Afrique. Her first solo album Ziés Dédjas (Open Eyes) is published by Nouchy Arts. 7) Nash is an indie band from Switzerland.

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