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There are at least four known singers who perform under the stage name Natalia: 1 - NATALIA FROM SPAIN 2 - NATALIA FROM BELGIUM 3 - NATALIA FROM GREECE 4 - NATALIA FROM KURDISTAN 1) NATALIA (SPAIN) (NATALIA RODRÍGUEZ GALLEGO) (official myspace) Natalia Rodríguez Gallego (born December 11, 1982) is the full name of the Spanish singer Natalia. She was a contestant on the successful Spanish TV show Operación Triunfo (Spanish American Idol) in 2001, where she finished 14th. In 2002, she released her highly successful album 'No soy un ángel' (I'm Not an Angel), which didn't journey out of the genre pop music. She sold about +250.000. ____________________________________________________ 2) NATALIA (BELGIUM) Natalia Druyts is a Belgian singer. She studied English and Spanish, but later she focused on her singing career. Natalia came second on Belgian Idol 2003. Afterwards, she was the only one to pursue a career in the country. Natalia is well known for her strong stage performances. She has shared the stage with Shaggy, En Vogue, Anastacia and the Pointer Sisters. Albums: This time (2003), Back For More (2004), Everything & More (2007), Wise Girl (2009) and Ovedrive (2013) _________________________________________________ 3) NATALIA (GREECE) Natalia is from Greece and she gained popularity in Greece when she starred at a Greek-Turkish series. Natalia Doussopoulos was born on April 8th, 1983 in Athens. She was featured in several songs with the Turkish pop singer Mustafa Sandal including "Hatırla Beni" in 2000 and "Aşka Yürek Gerek" in 2003. Some of the songs in her most recent album "Eisai I Mousiki Mou" were translated into Turkish and put into a second version of the album, titled "Sen Bana Şarkılar Söylettin". _____________________________________________________ 4) NATALIA (KURDISTAN) The photo of the Kurdish singer Natalîa you may regard here at lastfm: - it is the cover of her album "Çawi Efsûn". This singer is not to be confused with the other Kurdish singer Hozan Natalya. For both Kurdish artists look here: ---> Natalîa ---> Hozan Natalîa ---> Hozan Natalya

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