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Nataly Dawn started off in L.A., moved to France at the age of ten, spent a few years in Belgium and then scurried on back to California to pursue an education in art and French literature. She makes music as often as possible, to keep herself sane and happy. She dabbles around with piano, guitar and bass (her favorite instrument), but does not consider herself an expert at any of them. Mostly she enjoys singing and inventing odd harmonies. Recently she has gotten into the YouTube music movement thanks to her boyfriend, Jack Conte, and together they have started a collaboration called Pomplamoose. Their music can be heard at either their official Myspace or official YouTube. Nataly is still in denial about wanting to be a full-time musician, but deep down inside she knows that there is nothing that makes her happier than making art and sharing it with lovely listeners such as yourself. While her music is not yet available in CD form, songs can be downloaded from her official Myspace and videos (and occasionally Vlogs) can be found on her official YouTube page

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