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Natalya biography

The Kurdish singer Hozan Natalya was born on 27.06.1976 in a small town called Schirazlu which lies in the district of Ararat in Armenia. She started her education in 1983 at a Russian school. At the age of twelve she and her family moved to the Ukraine where she completed her education. 1995 was the year Natalya made her first appearance on stage. At that point she realised she had a special musical talent, which needed to be nourished. From there onwards she has dedicated the greatest part of her life to her music. She started studying law in 1996, and although she feels law and music lie miles apart of each other, she has managed to combine those two very different fields of interest. In the years that followed, her love for music grew stronger and stronger and by performing her music she wanted to spread her enthusiasm for the Kurdish music across the people of the Ukraine. In 2001 she moved to Germany aiming to further develop her musical talents. As the first prize winner of a musical contest in 2002, she was able to record her first CD: “Xeyal”, which means “dreams”. Now she performs for thousands of Kurds throughout Europe. Album "Xeyal": - Axa Bavê Cemîle - Azadî - Beyadi - Dinya - Ez Gul im, Tu Gulçîn î - Jina Kurd - Lo Shivano - Walatê Xerîbîyê - Xeyal

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