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Natisse biography

Natisse is a high energy, edgy pop starlet. Her dance songs are vocally driven with big hooks that are sure to get any DJ set moving. Released in multiple re mixes from Trance, Electro,House to Disco House, there is a mix for everyone. Not a TV talent show winner, not 14 years old, but still, Natisse is destined to be a pop star! 19 year old Natisse's big singing break came when her childhood friend Jess Carroll was unable to perform, so she offered to step in and help out. Already a trained dancer, with performances at venues such as the Albert Hall under her belt, she impressed the label owners at Shed Records, who immediately decided that they wanted to sign her. Although she has a thing for pink Christmas trees with blue baubles(!) and would be suitors should know that she prefers artificial flowers to real ones, as they last longer (although we suspect this may have something to do with the fact that she admits she often forgets to put them in water!), Natisse is very serious about her singing career. Her short stature belies an amazingly powerful voice that she unleashes whenever she enters a studio, the place that she describes as her natural environment. She is so focussed on her musical career that her first thought when finding out that her parents house was on fire, was to run into the burning building to rescue her mobile phone! She was devastated that not only did it contain all of her friends numbers, but also all of her business contacts as well. However, this act was fortuitous, as it led to her realising that her brother was in his bedroom, intently working on his computer, oblivious to the impending inferno, and was able to get him out of the house. The fire brigade were quickly on the scene, and the damage wasn't as bad as it could have been - in fact, you will be pleased to know that her pink Christmas tree escaped completely unscathed! Her second single, 'Something for the Weekend' is an amazingly catchy pop song, and you will find that it lodges itself in your mind after a couple of listens. You will wonder why people are looking at you strangely as you walk down the road, and then realise that you have inadvertently been singing it to yourself! Its already caught the attention of the clubs and video outlets - you can't go into a gym without the video playing, and the song has already got to number 25 in the club charts. Something for the Weekend is officially released on November 30th.

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