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» NATLIFE BIO Gary Lise(Igor Leus) aka NatLife was born in 1985 in Kharkov, Ukraine. His first touch with progressive music was in 1995 when he firstly heard some works from BBE, Kai Tracid, DJ Tomcraft, and others that worked with more acid music. After this in 1996 he found some awesome sound in Space Frog themes that gave him incredible touch in trance music. In the end of 90' and begining of new age he firstly began his own trance way on the small PC without any apparatus, just have a one typical music program. Working many years he hadn't any chances to present his work in his own city and on the Native Land. But he found another way for his works... Fisrt steps in music world he started with track called Asia - it is the first his work that was supported by such big men like DJ Joop in 2005. After this he went to the sea,and found there new idea for his new work(that's will be supported many times from many dj's like Precision, biggest support from Aly&Fila, Conor Arkins, Space Garden, DJ Redstar etc.) that called 'Black Sea'.. But firstly this tune found one men from Somatic Sense rec.(Pascal Precision) and played it in his famous show named "True to Trance". Just after this his another tune 'Live In Obscurity' was found by Above&Beyond and twice played in 'Trance Around the World' and after was signed to Real Music recordings having full support from Andrew Parsons and others known dj's soon. Then he saw in this that he can - and he must work! In August 2006 his another old theme 'Nature Life' was signed to Infinityloop Music, and started to support from many dj's around the world, having awesome opinions and support from Matt Darey, DJ Ellof, Suzy Solar, Sinergy, Justin Carr, Karlos M, DJ Jacco, Arturo, Justin George, Infinityloop and DJ Soar. Next his work called 'Critical Situation' was signed to Subtraxx recordings with Miika Kuisma remix and was supported from such dj's like Above&Beyond that named this tune - "inspired by couple horror films", DJ Joop that charted it as first tune of the mounth(August), Niklas Harding, Space Garden, Sean Tyas, Adam White, DJ Redstar, Conor Arkins, Miika Kuisma, Sied Van Riel and now JOOF and Paul van Dyk! His first vinyl and big EP 'Snow & Sea' with three tracks - 'It's Snowing', 'Black Sea' and 'Space Colonization' will be released on Redux recordings in March 2007. At the time he working with many new remixes for some famous labels that will be released on CD,vinyl and digital formats. Check his page so often as u can and you always will see new and new information about all upcoming and doing work... Now his starting new own live project called "NATURE NIGHT:" with Simon Paul's(Lost Witness) help. Details and information about this project will be very soon..

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