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Nato biography

There are multiple artists with this name: 1) Nato (also known as n.A.T.o. or NAT'O) is a Russian/Georgian female singer, product of former t.A.T.u. producer Ivan Shapovalov. She performs in a traditional Muslim veil and sings in the languages of Tajik, Persian and Uzbek. She is an anti-imperialist. The hit Чор ҷавон (Chor javon) entered the charts in 2005 and was followed by a full length album and a second single was Бе умиде (Be umide). Chor javon was first recorded in Russian by t.A.T.u., but never used. It tells the story of four brothers who venture into world, heedless of their old father's advice, and get in trouble because they wouldn't listen. 2) Nato is a British metalcore band that released their debut album, Kill the Fox to Foil the plan, in 2007. 3) Nato is a Finnish hardcore band from Helsinki. They were formed in 1980 and have just released their debut PROPAGANDA EP. 4) Nato is an American rap artist, and the name of an album by Slovenian group Laibach. 5) Nato is the name of a UK math-rock band based in Winchester and signed to Sotones. 6) nato (or -nato-, or kinato) is a Korean electronic and trance music producer. He is also member of the Korean music group Zest:Rave. See -nato- and Kinato. 7) Nato was a punk-rock solo home recording project by Nato Coles of Modern Machines, The Shrubbers and The Silver Suns.

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