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Nautilus biography

Nautilus is a name that has been used more than once. (1) An alternative rock band from Berlin, Germany, playing instrumental songs between rock, pop, jazz rock, and metal, mixed with soundscapes and the voice of singer Fabian Link. (2) A Swiss progressive rock band formed in the 70s. They released two albums: 20000 Miles under the Sea (1978) and Space Storm (1980). (3) An electronic artist. (4) A polish shanties-folk band. Created on the begining of year 2005 in Warsaw, Poland. (5) A local band from Baltimore Maryland that broke up in the early summer 2006. (6) A short name for Russian rock group 'Nautilus Pompilius' (7) A local metal band from Franklin, Kentucky. (8) A local rock band from Croatia. Drums - Nikola Cubelic (Nixa) Guitar, back vocal - Tin Svegovic (Thin) Keyboards, lead vocal - Nikola Vranic (Niđo) Bass guitar - Filip Gorupec (Foxy) Back vocal - Jasmina Bosnjak (Jess) Their 1st single Ljubavna rapsodija won the first Imagine Festival in Croatia. (9) A Funk/folk/Spanish infused Prog Rock band from Taunton, UK. (10) A Metal band from the College of Santa Fe, in New Mexico (11) An alternative rock band from Tampere, Finland (12) An experimental dj/producer from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Rumoured to be part of the group Eeuwgroch Soundsystem.

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