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Naya biography

There are two artist/bands under name Naya: 1) Naya, a young Lebanese singer who made her debut with the single "Batmanna" on SkyLimit. Originally she was going to release her début album in 2010, but Egyptian producer Yasser Zayed took legal action her and stopped the album from being released. Naya later signed with Arabica Music, and released her début album Mandam in 2012. 2) Naya, a Yugoslavian Reagge band active in the first half of eighties. They published two albums: "Naya" in 1983 and "Kamatantra" in 1984; and a single: "Ona voli mnogo/Razlog za kajanje" in 1987. Their first album was produced by Alpine Grant (brother of Eddy Grant). Some of the songs on the first album were written by Eddy Grant.

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