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Nbg biography

The band was established in 1984 by its four members MALISA, KARA, VLAJSA and SISA. After a year they went on tour. In the studio "Purple Eye" the band records its first demo and its first compilation produced by the slovenian discography house "BlackTape". One video was being recorded for the italian TV Channel "Rai2". '87 the band stoped with its work, '96 it records its first album N.B.G. 1 with the same members. Before the first album was released, the drummer Malisa tragicaly lost his life! The concerts started after a year, Malisa was replaced by our good friend Vlada. We played on about 100 gigs and finished the tour with our first album. We had a lot of humanitarian gigs. The band records its second album in '99. The album, released in 2000, was well accepted but not enough "played" by the band, because of family and personal reasons of their members. 2004 the band plays it's last gigs, 2005 it records a live album that was not relesed because of problems with the discography house. In September 2007 started the recording of the new studio album and it's still not finished. The band has two remaining members Kara and Sisa, who are working on the new album and looking for new members in the meantime. We hope that the new album will be relesed until April 2008.

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