Nebraska top 20 songs


Nebraska biography

1) Nebraska is a screamo/emo band from Adelaide, Australia who take influence from Portraits of Past, Indian Summer, Shotmaker, Codeine, and Unwound, amongst others. Featuring ex-members of The Paddington Bear Affair, Later That Night and The Rising Fight. Their 2012 Nebraska 7" is available for download at Mediafire or their Bandcamp. Tumblr | Bandcamp 2) Nebraska are a Metal band from Southampton, England. Taking influence from For The Fallen Dreams, Volumes, The Black Dahlia Murder & The Devil Wears Prada they released their first track 'Porphyria' from their debut double A side on August 14th 2014. Facebook | Bandcamp 3) Nebraska is Ali Gibbs, a British house producer on Rush Hour Recordings who fuses jazz, disco and other forms of roots into his music. 4) Nebraska is an indie rock band from London, England. The band consists of Michael Hall (vocals), Ben Todd (guitar), Ben Stack (bass) and Jarrod Pizzata (drums). 5) Nebraska was an indie rock band from Manitoba, Canada. Members of Nebraska went on to form Hey It's Okay.

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