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Nebula-h biography

Our Belgian "nu-H-EBM" commando invaded the electronic clubs at lightning speed with their debut album "H". 2 years later, they capitalise on the success of the numerous pressings of their first CD and return with a very strong, compact and alluring new album entitled “H20”. Their unique explosive cocktail of eclectic electronics, carrying modern beats and mysterious lyrics will offer you another astounding palette of new club hits and demonstrate the production maturity of the Nebula-H gang consisting of multi-talented song writer and producer Mika Goedrijk (This Morn O’mina, Po(w)der Pussy, etc. and owner of the Atomic Studios) and Deranged Psyche (ex-Fuze Box Machine vocalist). Take Front 242’s strong EBM roots, Praga Khan’s unique sense of melody, and Juno Reactor’s rhythmic magic, with a teaspoon of techno/house feel and you will get a vague idea of the electronic cocktail they will serve you on their new studio assault. But the best way to understand Nebula-H’s music is to experience it and enjoy it at maximum volume. From

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