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Necromantia biography

Necromantia was created in late 1989 by two like minded individuals: The Magus (bass/vocals) and Baron Blood (8-string bass). Their aim was to create original, powerful and innovative Diabolical music, replacing the usual 6-string guitars with 8-string bass! Their first recordings earned them a cult status in the scene since they were very original, ritualistic and utterly sinister! Necromantia never hesitated to use "non-metal" instruments like: saxophone, percussions, etc in addition to their standard metal orchestrations. And that option made them unique and established their own sound. Discography: - 1 split LP/CD with VARATHRON(THE BLACK ARTS-1991) - 2 full albums and 1 mini-album in the legendary OSMOSE PRODUCTIONS(CROSSING THE FIERY PATH-1993,SCARLET EVIL_WITCHING BLACK-1995, ANCIENT PRIDE-1997), - 1 full album and 1 best of compilation with BLACK LOTUS RECORDS(IV:MALICE-2000, 12 YEARS DOING THE DEVIL'S WORK(2002), - 1 full album with Dockyard1 (THE SOUND OF LUCIFER STORMING HEAVEN 2007), - 1 split CD/LP on Dark Side Records (FOR THE TEMPLE OF THE SERPENT SKULL-2009). The band is considered a pioneer of the second wave of black metal along with DARKTHRONE, SAMAEL, IMPALED NAZARENE, EMPEROR, ROTTING CHRIST, ENSLAVED, etc. They have influenced various bands and set the standards for the Greek Black Metal scene. Website: Official site

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