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There are at least six bands named Necropolis that coincide on this artist-page. 1. Necropolis was a thrash metal band from Stonemeade, Georgia, USA. They formed in 1986, and released a demo in 1987, and the Contemplating Slaughter LP in 1988. Afterward they broke up, and have not been heard from since. Shamefully underrated. Bomp still has their record in stock on vinyl! 2. Necropolis, the first ukrainian gothic rock band; formed in 1991; in 1996 GARBA studio released their "Three of My Lives" album (re-released by the MOON records in 1998); from 2004 band's name was changed to Dollheads 3. Necropolis is an indie/noise rock band from Columbus, Ohio, USA, with several releases on Columbus Discount Records. 4. Necropolis is the name of a Russian dark ambient project that released a track called Necrosphere on CDR, limited edition (85 copies). The track (together with a new one) was reissued by Cold Spring in 2006. The track can be downloaded on Cold Spring's page: 5. Necropolis was a death metal band from Columbia, Tennessee. Composed of only two members, one sang and programmed drums, the other played guitar. After putting several songs on their myspace, apathy struck them, and they have fallen from the music scene. 6. Necropolis, formed in June 2005, are a Melodic Death Metal band hailing from Bangladesh. They have 3 demos to their credit so far and are expected spread the chaos further. You can visit their site and download their 'demo' @ or 7. NECROPOLIS was found in Russia, Arkhangelsk 2006. In summer 2008 band recorded DEMO “Contrary to Death”. In 2007-2009, the group plays on many concerts in its hometown of Arkhangelsk and also Moskow, St.-Petersburg, Vologda and another towns . Necropolis play melodic technical death metal that blends old-school traditions with progressive elements and numerous melodical solos. Currently Necropolis is working on their first album. “Contrary to Death” IS AVAILAIBLE FOR FREE DOWNLOAD! 8. NECROPOLIS is an Argentinian technical death metal band.

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