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Negativ biography

Negativ is the name of multiple artists. 1) Serbian rock band formed in 1999 (also known as Negative) 2) Dutch rapper from Surinam 3) Norwegian black metal band 4 Early 80s punk band from Switzerland 1) Negativ was formed in 1999 by a former Tap 011 vocalist Ivana Peters, guitarists Nikola Radaković and Vladimir "Grle" Đurđević, bass guitarist Milen Zlatanović and drummer Miloš Bilanović. They released their debut self-titled album Negative in 1999. It included hits ''Ja bih te sanjala'', ''Svet Tuge'' and ''Vreme je''. In 2002 the band released their second album Ni ovde ni tamo (Not Here, Nor There). In 2004 they released album Tango and took part in Beovizija 2004 with the song "Zbunjena" placing 1st out of 28 with a score of 79 points. This qualified them for the Evropesma 2004 contest where they eventually finished in 4th place with a score of 44 points. They returned to Beovizija in 2007 with the song "Prava stvar" finishing in 3rd place as the jury's favorite while only coming 8th in the public vote. They also participated at Beovizija 2008, but failed to qualify for the final. The band has released their fourth studio album named Spusti me na zemlju (Put Me on the Ground) in spring 2009. 2) Negativ is the artist name of the Dutch rapper Maurits Robert Delchot. His debut album Negativitijdperk was released in 2006. 3) Negative is a black metal/ black n roll band from Norway. It consists of Thomas Sømme on vocals, Willie Skåtun (Arvas) on guitars, Tor Grønstad on bass guitars, and Tom Grasmo (Koldbrann) on drums. 4) Swiss punk band released one single: Glitter Hair Cream / Terrorist in 1981.

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