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Negative Format is the musical creation of Alex Matheu. From its inception, Negative Format has pushed the boundaries of the electronic music scene. Blending his earlier Electro-EBM influences with his current interests in various styles of Techno and Trance, Alex has developed a sound that is truly his own. With an ever-growing global fan base, Negative Format has already become a staple on dance floors throughout the world. Negative Format is : In Studio Alex Matheu - composition, synths, loops, vocals Rashree Matson - vocals, lyrics Brian Maston : critique, direction, arrangement On stage Alex Matheu - synths, loops, vocals Rashree Matson - synths, loops, vocals Brian Matson - synths, loops, vocals In 2004, Alex created The Parallel Project, an album combining his music with the vocals of other industrial artists, including Salva Maine, Sandrine Gouriou, Ned Kirby, Tom Shear, Rashree Matson, Daniel Myer, Jennifer Parkin, Clint Carney, Darrin Huss, Courtney Bangert, Victoria Lloyd, Mark Jackson, Kristy Venrick, and G. Wygonik. Distraub is Alex's IDM side project.

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