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Nelson Freitas is born and raised in the Netherlands, with creativity and talent he constantly tries to refresh the world of Zouk music. Barely a teenager, Freitas learned to entertain through the art of hip-hop and throughout the years the flexibility of his talent allowed him to flow with changing vibes of the music industry. Once a break-dancer, then the front man of the infamous group Quatro Plus, a producer, a writer, a singer, engineer and now he is the owner of GhettoZouk Music, a label created by Nelson Freitas with artists as Chelsy Shantel & William araujo. With his roots connected to the Cape Verde islands and his passion for the hip-hop culture inspired Freitas to take on a challenge to change the contemporary sound of the Cape Verdean music. 
In 1997 the compilation CD of “MOBASS Presents” was released featuring the track, “Hoje em Dia” (Now a Days), which officially launched Quatro Plus (formally known as Quatro) in the market. As one of the lead singers of the group, Quatro Plus went on to release three successful albums “4-Voz” (Four Voices) in 1998, “Bem Conche” (Get to Know Us) in 2002 and “Ultima Viagem” (Last Voyage) in 2005. In almost a decade, Freitas has earned what’s rightfully his as he is of the most admired and respected producers, singers and writers in the Cape Verdean as well as the zouk music industry. With a blend of Cape Verdean Kriol and English lyrics, a twist of R&B and hip-hop incorporated with zouk and traditional Cape Verdean music.With al these ingredients Nelson made his solo album called “ Magic “ In October 2006.The album sold over 25.000 copies world wide. With new creative input and even more experience the second album “ My life “ is a fact. The album promises to bring yet another dose of creativity and talent as the 12 track album aims to live-up to his previous album “ magic “ or even surpass it. featuring artists on the album will be William Araujo, Mc Knowledje, Laisa Sanches & Anselmo Ralph.

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