N`evergreen top 20 songs


N`evergreen biography

1. Hungarian dark/gothic metal band formed in 1994 in Subotica (Serbia). Nevergreen released 7 full-length albums so far and one double live, most of their songs having Hungarian lyrics. Between 2004 and 2006 the band was on hold, because the members were concentrating on their projects (Green Division & Amok). But now, with new members along Bob Macura bassist-vocalist and Miklos Matlari keyboardist the band reunited and the new album is available since April 30 2007, titled "Eros, mint a halal". They played at the biggest festivals in Hungary and Romania, right before Anathema, Paradise Lost, Deathstars and after Apocalyptica. Members: BOB MACURA - vocals, bass and rhythm guitars MIKLOS MATLÁRY - keyboards SZABOLCS ERŐS - lead guitar TAMÁS KOVÁCS - MOTI - drums VALENTINA SIMON - TINA - vocals Honorary, occasional members: ZOLTAN SIMON - drums MIĆA KOVAČEVIC - MC MIKE -drums ANDRÁS ISPÁN - bass guitar 2. Mod metal act from Finland. Later renamed Sinisthra prior to releasing their official debut record. Singer Tomi Joutsen also performs vocals for the legendary Amorphis. 3. Emo-tinged Pop punk band from Lower Austria. Early incarnations of the band started in circa 1996 and they fizzled out somewhere between 2004 and 2005. 4. American Rock Reggae band from Rochester, NY. The group formed in 2008 and has since released two EP's, "The Light Show" and "People To Paradise", along with a full-length in 2011 entitled "A Lesson In Leisure".

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