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There are seven bands with the name Nex. 1) A doom metal band from Sweden (pic with 3 individual members) 2) A black metal band from Arizona (currently split up) 3) A metal band from North Dakota 4) Hard rock/punk/metal band from UK (full bio below) 5) An alias of David Matthew Bradbury, a video game music remixer from the OverClocked ReMix community. 6) A Scotland based Dubstep/Electronic producer 7) minimal synth/chiptune/ambient techno producer, 4 cont.) The purity of intent that glows at the heart of Nex has remained constant since their formation in 2002. Taking complex yet solid rhythms and driving bass-lines as a foundation, they play a whirlwind cabaret mix of hard rock, punk and metal, without sacrificing melody or originality. Prior to their record deal, Nex took their metal extravaganza on the road, honing their craft by rocking every venue that invited them and gaining new fans all over the UK. A quickly recorded demo CD lead the path to support slots with No Comply, Amplifier, Winnebago Deal and Skindred and airplay on Radio 1 (Steve Lamacq/John Peel). It gained the accolade of 'Demo of the Week' on Kerrang Radio and won the 'National Kerrang K-Fest' competition which resulted in Nex opening up at Danko Jones' Manchester Academy gig. After signing with respected indie label Rising Records (home of Mendeed), Nex's first album was well received in the national press, gaining accolades for its originality (Kerrang KKKK) and melody (Metal Hammer 7/10). Yet, it is in the live arena where the group truly shines. A KKKKK live review cemented their reputation as a must-see act. Nex's ever increasing active fan base is a testament to their work-hard ethos and inspired live performance. Every member contributes an element to the Nex sound, from Ed Dickinson's versatile vocals and Mike Garlick's dynamic drumming, to Chris Kiernan's multi-layered guitar work and the note-perfect bass lines laid down by the enigmatic being known only as 'The Professional'. With a blistering new album (produced by Mark Daghorn), and a consistently furious live performance the 'Nex takeover countdown starts now' (Kerrang).

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