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THE NEXT GENERATION was founded by Tom S. in 1986 after he had left the Fun-Techno-Band "der Zivilschutz". A short time later Andy R. also a former member of the band called "der Zivilschutz” joined Tom's new project. The division within the band was clear from the beginning: Tom was the musical head and responsible for arranging and composing the songs. Andy, a brilliant technician and perhaps comparable to D.Bressanutti, who his known from "Front 242" where he operates in the background, was responsible for the engineering, computing, coordination and for the programming. Tom's part of the producing was to create the sound of the synthesis and samplings. With help from Gerry D. (among other things also responsible for the Lyrics at NG) and Karl B. the two of them set up their recording studio nearby Zurich and produced their first maxi “Exposure”, which was designed by the Label of founder of the Fanzine NEW LIFE, Sebastian K. However, Tom and Andy did the recordings and the re-mastering in June 1988 at the DNS-studios in Birmensdorf. The same year the NEW LIFE sampler "TRANS EUROPA” appeared. THE NEXT GENERATION contributed the song "Hommage". The second maxi “Cannibalism” finally appeared in spring 1989 by Art Sound. In the time since then they gave a few concerts in Switzerland and in neighbouring countries or appeared as a supporting act for “Frontline Assembly” on their tour through Europe or even for the Belgian band “Vomito Negro” (Crash Freiburg, November 1989). Finally in spring 1989 the NEXT GENERATION was back in the studios with Carlos P., former producer of the music group “Yello”. The result of this co-operation is the songs “Tight Jacket” and “Mescalin”. Both appeared on a sampler: “Tight Jacket” on the compilation “Techno Electro Revenge” and “Mescalin” on the “Eisenberg-sampler Vol.1”. The early nineties, shortly before the birth of his first daughter, Tom withdrew for family reasons from the music business, to devote time to his children, and let the project NEXT GENERATION rest. A long period of musical abstinence followed, but Tom knew that he would reactivate NEXT GENERATION some day later! At the end of 2004 Tom recollected his musical roots. In the proceeding a few songs of a new project of Tom’s appeared: “Declining Economic Crisis”, instrumental songs, but quite in the same style as NG. These songs were all home recorded. It is possible that one or the other song will appear on vinyl this summer (2009)… Meanwhile the time of waiting is over. THE NEXT GENERATION is back!

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