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1. One man computer orchestra, making soothing chill out electronic lounge beats for your listening pleasure. 2. Nexus 6 is a band from Spain. Genre:Symphonic Black metal/Avangarde. Current Line Up: Javier Fernández (a.k.a. NEXUS 6) : All instruments Raúl Gómez (a.k.a. Rhülk) : Vocals Discography: A Strange Habitat (CD - 2007) 3. Nexus 6 was an industrial/EBM group from Rochester, NY active since around 1996. The band was comprised of Marc Pospisil and Anthony Lanni. Early tracks were self-released on store-bought cassette tapes, such as the 1996 release 'No Human Recourse' which contained only 2 songs on a 90 minute cassette. Years later, some of their tracks were produced and remixed by Daniel Myer (Meier) of Haujobb. 4. Nexus 6 was a screamo band from Half Moon Bay, California with members of Funeral Diner, Portraits of Past, Living War Room, Under a Dying Sun, and ...Who Calls So Loud. Discography: Nexus 6 - Six Songs + Live Radio Show - cd - SpareOrgan - 1999 Funeral Diner & Nexus 6 - Split - lp - Old Glory Records - 1999

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