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Niburta biography

The name „Niburta” comes from the two-faced deity of the Scythian religion. „Niburta” was both the god of war, giving warriors the fury to charge fearlessly into battle, and the god of agriculture, providing bountyful harvest to it's followers. This bipolarity flows through the music of the band, combining the brutal sounds of modern metalcore with the catchy and mystical tunes of traditional instruments like bagpipes, violin, flutes, kobza, infused with the distinctive folklore of the balkans. Niburta was formed late 2009 by a band of friends under the name „Tardos”, who even till this day form the creative core of the band: Anna Németh, János Krieser and Balázs „Busó” Hormai. After a long period of castings, rehearsals and member changes the band takes up the name „Niburta” and enters the studio to record their first demo „Eredet”. The demo was a definite succes, resulting in an explosion in fandom and several international gigs such as Slovakia and the Czech Republic. In the middle of 2011 the band recorded it's first EP, „Awakening”, which provided them with and extra boost to their rapidly growing popularity. From here the flow of events sped up: the band performed several smaller gigs, and also blasted the stages of the Folk-Rock Marathon of Budapest in January, and the Rockmaraton Festival this July. Niburta was also invited to several foreign gigs, and was among the main performers during the International Beltine Fest Tour 2012 in Slovakia, Slovenia, and Hungary. This spring brought about some changes in the band's lineup too, reforming one third of the band, but creating a more stable and dedicated group.

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