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Rotterdam based and of Persian roots, Nick K. is firmly rooted in the Dutch dance scene. Given the fierce competition that's quite an achievement. Especially in such a short amount of time. Rotterdam is known for it's diversity in sound and it's audiences critical ear for delivering the goods from any DJ, regardless of name and fame. So it was quite an accomplishment to emerge that fast as another fine exponent in the local scene. In just a few years he became a resident dj in several high profiled clubs in Holland, played main stage at big festivals like Dance Valley and Extrema to eventually become the international dj he is now. It has only been a natural progression for Nick to move towards music production. Nowadays there aren't a lot of dj's out there who haven't played one of his records at one time or another. With releases ranging from the legendary Hooj Choons label to Airtight and well respected labels such as Yoshitoshi and Shinichi, Nick K has made a name for himself as a fine purveyor of dancefloor mayhem within the global dance scene. After setting up the much acclaimed Lowrider recordings label with Matthew Dekay, Nick recently started the Gangsta Audio imprint to great success and will without a doubt add more mayhem to dance floors worldwide. For many dj / producers out there, there's always been a trend to go with the flow, often resulting in an early fade-out and short lived careers. Nick K's trademark however, has always been a unique blend of quality house music regardless of genre or the latest hype for that matter. His sets have a unique hypnotic sound; at times clubby and funky, sometimes techy, acid or deep, but always filled with excitement.

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