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This is the incorrect tag for Nikos Ganos. Νίκος Γκάνος (Nikos Ganos) or simply Nicko, is a new pop gay-idol. Of Greek origin, was born in Athens where he is today. In 2004 he was a participant in the talent show Super Idol, which was the first Greek edition of the British television hit Pop Idol. Where he came third. He has worked in the past with Καίτη Γαρμπή and Γιώργος Μαζωνάκης. Then he produced his super hit 'Poso Akoma' with a sound perfectly modern for what Greeks usually listen to,ok in northern Europe they would call it A SHIT! Eventually, Nick, undoubtedly evolved into one of the main representatives of the poor Greek music scene. He has performed on the reality The X Factor (series 3 Greece) on 14 January 2011 which made ​​the performances of "Last Summer", "Koita ti Ekanes", "Poso Akoma" among others After the hit singles No.1 in 2010, "Last Summer", is released in the summer of 2011, the hit single "Break Me", a proposal for a new sound what made the difference in Greece again. While "Break Me" remains firmly in the Top 10 radio airplay charts, we have a new digital version for "This Love is Killing me" Nicko, collaborating with Alex Papakonstantinou, a composer who currently works with international pop stars, created the sound that will dominate this winter in the international dance pop,only in Greece offcource.

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