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Musical project comes from Russia (Nik Xaos) which consist in one person, NIKOLAI GLAZUNOV. Permanent sound he has not. But more often it is an aggressive noise, industrial mixed with psychedelic samples, junk noises and vocal samples. Describe the project Nik XaOS can be as follows: post-modernism, post-industrialism, crisis, war, terrorism, etc. In general he describes landscapes very pessimistics and with no future. As for the music, stay true album of ultra-violent harsh noise, but also from other parts of the disks that mix with NOISE sequences and much more peaceful and calm near the AMBIENT and DRONE. They usually have better acceptance latter work that early, because when Nikolay Glazunov aims to create an atmosphere of noise, saturation get at levels so high that it is really difficult to listen for more than 5 minutes. Aside from mixing NOISE with AMBIENT the second most important feature to note is the abstract character of his music. A NOISE abstract, rare, strange and unusual, truly original for its strangeness. He also mentioned that the artist manages his own label, which already now has a wide range of editing and distribution. Below attached the addresses of the group, label, fan club, dj nik xaos, etc..

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