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Noisecontrollers biography

Noisecontrollers consists of 2 fulltime producers: Bas Oskam and Arjan Terpstra. Founded in 2005 both with a totally different musical background but with a great preference for Hardstyle (in every shape that is). Their First release was on DJS-Records called “Wanna Freak You” and their second release “Creatures” already on the big Fusion Records. In 2007 their popularity grew strong and they started to perform their live act (including their own MC. Michel Rijenga as MC Renegade), which was a big success! Booked in clubs all over the world, people more and more enjoyed the Noisecontrollers sound. In the same year they released “Crump “ & “Aliens” and things really started of. The third release on Fusion (May 2008) “Shreek”, “Venom” and “Rushroom” were probably the most played tracks so far! As one of the most booked hardstyle acts already ,they also decided to perform as DJ’s. They really had memorable performances (Qrimetime, Reverze , Hardbass and X-Qlusive Zany) and bookings all over Europe followed up by a tour in Australia! 2009 Started of as a great year because they had the honour to make the In Qontrol anthem which was a milestone for them on every level. They also did a great collaboration with Headhunterz and Wildstylez called “Tonight”. And with DJ Zany “Delomelancum”. They made remixes of Wildstylez’s “KYHU” and DJ Zany’s “Thugs and Brennan Heart his “One Blade”. Also on a production level they are on fire! Their vinyl with tracks as “Yellow Minute”,” Attack Again” and “Revolution Is Here” was greatly received and was a big step forward in their production level. With tracks like “Samara”, “Unbroken”, “Astral 2009” and “Addictive Fantasy”, they are raising the bar even more! 2010 Has been a very successful year aswell! Having a huge hit with the new talented australian guys 'Toneshifterz' with the tracks "Jaydee" and "Empire Of The Sun". Also released an amazing second collaboration vinyl with DJ Zany and to top it all they made this Years Decibel Anthem and just released the new EP "Faster N Futher, Macabre, Darkside of Emotions and ofcourse "Yellow Minute" remix done by wildstylez! Futhermore there are some new collaboration's on their doorstep with "Headhunterz" and "Psycho Punkz", but the biggest step is probably their collaboration with Wildstylez. In November 2010, both Noisecontrollers and Wildstylez announced that they will leave their respective labels, Fusion & Scantraxx, to start their own label with the name Digital Age. The first result of this collaboration are the tracks "A different story" and "Stardust". Together, they intend to reach even higher levels! In 2014, Noisecontrollers announced they were splitting. Bas Oskam is to continue producing under the alias 'Noisecontrollers', whereas Arjan is said to be leaving the hard dance genre entirely.

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