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Nostramus biography

Nostramus = Eclectic and dexterous Drum and Bass artist Steve Spon (UK Decay, In Excelsis and The Big Eye) is the main man behind Nostramus. After the demise of progressive trance collective-The Big Eye in 1995, Spon was asked by a new record label (Recordings of Substance), to put together an album of 'Intelligent Drum and Bass'. The result was 'Earthlights' (Recordings of Substance – HEMP 5 CD, HEMP 5 DJV VINYL), it was released in Europe in July 1997 and America (Shadow Records - SDW035-2 ) in March 1998. With contributions from guests including Prince Malachi, Caroline Nische, Derek E. Smith, and the MC13. In 1997 a single called 'The Predictions EP' (Recordings of Substance – HEMP 4) featuring the tracks 'Dark Jewel' and three re-mixes of 'Earthlight' – from the album 'Earthlights' was released. A number of tracks appeared on various compilation albums at the end of the nineties, mainly tracks sourced from 'Earthlights'. Nostramus also re-mixed tracks for other artists including James Hardware. In 1998 Nostramus's track 'Emerald' appeared on a vinyl 'split' on the 'Hypnagogia' label (promo x 200) and 'I gave myself a boost doctor' to a CD compilation on the same label. Later that year a new Nostramus collaboration with guests Caroline Nische and Merlin Bodrun produced a track called 'Cerche' for Fi Sci Records. Later in 1998 an attempt to produce a follow up album ended in disaster as the recording studio folded before the album was completed. A limited edition special of 50 copies was produced to celebrate Nostramus's live performance at the Legendary Exodus's 'Free The Spirit Festival'; titled 'Bomb Babylon'. 2004 saw a collaboration – 'Hero Of Bamboo Stick' (Jolt Records Jolt001 Vinyl single) – with Mc's Mention and Golden Child.. In 2009 Nostramus released a re-mastered version of 'Earthlights- Remastered' (Diamond Seeds Productions DS-NS-001). In September 2011 the 'official' follow-up (second) album was released – 'Doomsday Dot Com' (Diamond Seeds Productions DS-NS-002)

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