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NOT was formed in 1999 on the initiative of three musicians: Robert Tuta (Aggressiva 69, Malenczuk Tuta Rutkowski Super Trio, 1984), Kuba “qbx” Wandachowicz (Cool Kids of Death) and Marcin “Cinass” Kowalski (also from C.K.O.D). Their music inspirations oscillated then between heavy sounds by Swans, Einstuerzende Neubauten but also pop-cabaret productions under Marc Almond’s banner. Their first album titled “BAD TRIP BOYS” (recorded entirely by home-made means), released in 2001 by Noiseworks (German independent record label) had a similar climate. The fact that all the tracks were recorded in Polish was quite a sensation on the Western European music market. This first release of the band was very warmly welcomed, but unfortunately mainly outside Poland. NOT songs were published on numerous compilation albums both in Poland (on each edition of underground compilations known as "E Pluribus Unum") and abroad ("Hallo 13" /Germany/, “The Loneliest Link in a Very Strange Chain: In Memory of Jhonn Balance and Coil”, “Splicing the Icy Expanse” /USA/). In 2001, NOT’s activity was suspended. In 2006, Lukasz Klaus (performing then with Hedone) had joined the band and they started working on their new album titled just "NOT". Musicians working at full speed prepared 12 cuts. Agim Dzeljilji, member of Oszibarack band from Wroclaw, one of the best producers and foremost outstanding musician became interested in production of the material. An excellent, very diverse but still stylistically coherent album was the result of their common work. NOT performs great guitar sounds (in the broad meaning of that notion) enriched with a brave electronic experiments. This album is influenced by the spirit of Marc Almond, Love and the Rockets, Momus, David Bowie, Roxy Music but also Mouse on Mars and Junior Boys. Your attention will be brought by the lyrics written mostly by Kuba Wandachowicz. NOT’s lyrics range is tremendous: city, emptiness, love, loneliness, fun, depression, calm, frustration, playing with guns, social observations… Melancholy meets there humorous digressions. The new album was released by "2-47" record label (managed by Bodek Pezda)in march 2007 .As far as it's known the first promotional single is "To taka gra" second will be titled "Miasto Swiatel" NOT has also appeared in "Aleja Gowniarzy" (, the latest film by Piotr Szczepanski released at the end of March and the beginning of April 2007.

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