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N.r.m. biography

N.R.M. is a prominent rock band from Minsk, Belarus. It was founded in 1994 on the basis of the rock band «Мроя» («Dream/Vision»), and the acronym actually stands for N.R.M. («The Independent Republic of Dream/Vision», «Niezaležnaja Respublika Mroja»/«Незалежная рэспубліка Мроя» in Belarusian). Arguably they are the most popular rock band singing in Belarusian. With the sound between alternative rock and grunge, N.R.M. was heavily influenced by Nirvana which is easily traced by their numerous allusions and references, especially in the latest albums. Like several other bands that sing in Belarusian (and expressed their opposing political views), they are unofficially banned from FM station broadcast in Belarus. There is no written order, but FM station managers said they got unofficial "recommendations" from the authorities with the black list. - N.R.M.'s official fan-club - N.R.M.'s official polish site (also in english). - N.R.M.'s official site

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