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Numb is a name of at least five acts: 1) A Canadian coldwave / electro-industrial band. 2) A pseudonym of Takashi Kizawa. 3) A Japanese hardcore punk band. 4) A German collaborative trio. 5) A Czech band. 6) A grind/sludge band from Everett, WA. 7) A Swedish rapper 1) Coldwave / electro-industrial band that was based in Vancouver, Canada. It was founded by Don Gordon in 1986. Following his Suspended single, Gordon retired the project and moved to Vietnam to live with his wife. Past Members: David Collings – Vocals (1994-2000) Blair Dobson – Vocals (1990-1991) David Hall – Keyboards, Programming (1986-1991) Conan Hunter – Vocals (1991-1993) Sean Stubbs (Sean St.Hubbs) – Vocals (1986-1988) Discography: Numb (1988) Christmeister (1990) Bliss (Single) (1991) Death on the Installment Plan (1993) Wasted Sky (1994) Fixate (EP) (1995) Blood Meridian (1997) Blind (Single) (1997) Koro (Live) (1998) Language of Silence (1999) Suspended (Single) (2000) From: 2) In 1992, Takashi Kizawa was studying engineering at Institute of Audio Research in New York and, after returning home, started label KARMA MUSIC with CALM in 1995 and released a single "FILE#2 / SHINNOU". He engaged in starting of a label Revirth and released 12 inch singles, such as "BEGINNING OF THE END", "ILLFUSION", and "89" in 1997. Then the first album "NUMB" released in 2002 vibrated all the feelings of those who listen it with the deep sound, which also has stillness behind the sharpness and violence. In sound performance, using laptop, NUMB manipulates beat, volume, sound effects, and the composition of music on real time using the MIDI controller, and performs physically. If the sound is absorbed into the body, the degenerated organs are opened and cells begin to listen sound. The mysterious performance has obtained high evaluation both home and abroad like BATOFAR performed in Paris, SONIC LIGHT in Amsterdam, or FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL in Japan, Roskilde Festival in Denmark, Future Sound Of Jazz Festival in Denmark, etc. In May, 2003, by releasing the live album "TOKYO," which is the package of those sound performance, he threw out doubts at the town of Tokyo, which is changing with frightful vigor. Now his strong sense of wish to regain what has been lost in exchange for consumption and speed made the soul dwell in laptop. In 2004, the sound is continuing creation of a new groove, covering electronica, techno, breakbeet, trans, hip-hop, and all. Numb is member of Ekoune Sound too. 3) Hardcore punk band from Tokyo, Japan. More information at MySpace. 4) Somewhere between electro-pop and heavy rock we meet with our interests and musical backgrounds. NUMB. is not a traditional band and we refuse to use the word „project“. NUMB. is a collaboration of three people with different experiences and abilities in the fields of composing, producing and performing music. Despite our different backgrounds we grouped together, because of our common interest to start something new. A collaboration with a philosophy of maximum artistic freedom and no necessity of compromise. 5) Czech alternative/indie band formed in March 2010 6 7:

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