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There are (at least) fifteen artists with this name: 1) OAK is doom/death metal filth from Baltimore Maryland. 2) Oak is a 1970s British folk band. album :The Acoustic Folk Box (disc 2) 3) Oak is a NS folk metal band from The Netherlands. 4) Oak is a Japanese post-rock band. 5) Oak is an Estonian band from the early 1990s that recorded as ÖÄK, and mistagged tracks will show up here. 6) Oak is a Turkish solo acoustic project which has two songs that can be listened to from Bant Magazine demo . 7) Oak is a Finnish doom metal band that has recorded one demo, "Brisingamen". 8) Oak is an psychedelic folk band from Burlington, Vermont. 9) Oak is a psytrance composer from Perth, Western Australia. 10) OAK, an English industrial-metal outfit, based in the West Midlands town of Kidderminster were first formed by Nicholas Hall and Alexander Hudson in 2001 as a dark metal band. In 2004 OAK made their Industrial debut to their veteran fans, sporting a sound akin to American industrial bands such as Celldweller and Stabbing Westward, and have been largely compared to Nine Inch Nails with vocal styles holding similarities to Linkin Park. OAK support a sound like no other, despite baring some similarities to other bands with similar genres, they are broadly described as Industrial Nu-Metal but carry some melodic undertones of electronica and therefore appeal to a wide audience, as they have witnessed during their impressive live gigs. They have attracted not only avid metal and Goth fans, but also people who enjoy hybrid styles of music and even fans of dance and drum and bass, attracting an even wider range of listeners. They are currently a four-piece band consisting of in no particular order: Cardinal- Guitar, Synth, Programming Kleon- Vocals, Programming Neo- Bass, Programming Drew- Drums, FX, Samples, Programming OAK have played live at a wide variety of venues as well as a great number of bars and clubs and a number of festivals including the “666 Festival” at the Barfly Birmingham, the “Disobey Rock Fest 04” headlined “Nick Stock 05”, and “Kempsey Biker Fest”. They have had their music featured on a cover CD of Computer Shopper Magazine. They have also had their music played, several times, on internet and terrestrial radio stations in the UK, USA etc. even as far as Australia with stations such as Kerrang. 11) Drum&Bass artist who appears on "On A Mission EP". 12) Oak is post-rock band from Strasbourg, France. 13) Oak is a Swedish sludge/post-metal band which released their debut Silent Spring in 2012, after one demo in 2011. 14) Post-Rock, Alternative Rock 3 piece from Salisbury, Wiltshire. Debut single 'You Made Me' released in September 2013. https://www.facebook.com/OAKsalisbury?ref=hl 15) Oak is a Swedish skull explodingly chaotic and aggresive screamo/hardcore band. http://oakhardcore.bandcamp.com/

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