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Oak Pantheon consists of two songwriters and good friends: Sami Sati and Tanner Swenson. They've written music and played together throughout much of their teenage years before forming Oak Pantheon in the early months of 2011. With Sean Golyer engineering, co-producing and mixing the project, Sami began recording "Architect of the Void pt I". Tanner hopped on to assist with various parts of the songwriting until the song was released on its own in March. After receiving a far greater positive response than was initially expected, they continued to write and complete what is now known as "The Void" EP, which was digitally released on July 12, 2011. Writing hasn't stopped since, culminating in their full-length debut "From a Whisper" which saw a physical release on September 25, 2012. Fresh off the heels of an extremely well-received album, Oak Pantheon continues to diligently write, produce, and advance their sound to new heights. oakpantheon.bandcamp.com.

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