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There is more than one artist with this name: 1 - An Electronic Rock band from Israel 2 - Drum & Bass artist 3 - Acid Techno artist Olly Berry 4 - A DJ from UK. 1 - OB1 are Ofer Dikovsky aka “Oforia” & Bertin Katz aka “B-wicked”. Ofer Dikovsky is a top musician and studio producer from Israel. He is one of the longest standing acts in the global Electronic/Trance scene. His unique and innovative sound earned him an exclusive trade mark and a big impact on the Trance scene over the years. He started his reach career in the 90’s, exploring the sound of the re-rising electronic music in the early years of the decade. Ofer’s discography contains 9 studio albums, some of them considered to be a major reference points in the evolution of the trance music and made a big impact at the time. He was involved in many successful side projects and remixed a lot of other artist’s music. During his career, his studio releases were accompanied by an incessant world-wide live tours. His sounds were played and danced to almost everywhere in the global trance scene. In 2006 he released the album ‘Inner Twist’. One of the tracks in the album , ‘Return of the machines’, was a collaboration with a long time friend – Bertin Katz also known as “B-wicked” - a multi talented musician and multimedia artist. best known for his 2006’s Master piece Album “Chill Da Funk Out” that was one of the official chillers for that year and was highly valued by top Electronic Magazines and Reviews. In ‘Return of the machines’ they started to explore their special style by adding Pushing & powerful guitars along with strong lyrics performed by “B-wicked”, all on top of alternate beats. The result was a distinctive mixture between rock and electronic that had never been heard before. The track was followed by a video clip and they both gained a huge success in the trance scene and in some cases went outside the scene borders into the main stream media, After their huge success with “Return of the Machines” and following a year of intensive and productive sessions in the studio, OB1 finished their first LP album – ‘Dream Dictionary’ that will be released in late 2009 the first taste from it will be their new EP “Behind the Wheel” expected to be released in summer 2009. The “Behind the Wheel EP” contains 5 “Hit Potential” Songs, arranged in a musical journey that takes the listener through diversified mixtures of electronic, Dance & Rock. Sweeping lyrics & vocals, well harmonized and backed up by powerful layers of electro-beats and rockin’ guitar riffs and all wrapped in a high quality commercial frame. 2-

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