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Obando biography

Born in medellin colombia en 1991. Since a very early age obando show his passion for electronic music, whit his short career he began to become a promises to be one of the best dj producers from the national territory. Constantly developing new sounds with house and techno influences. Keeping the balance between good music and high energy, Obando Overcomes upon the other dj..s from Medellín. His beginnings are strongly linked to his father experience “Dj Watchout” who was one of the precursors of the DJ movement in the city. He was raised with great love and passion for the electronic music, following his father steps he decided to become a DJ. Starting with Dance, House and Deep House Sounds. With an autodidactic learning, his productions began when he was only 14 years old. Obando has launched a big amount of releases, showing him as a very big promises for the future like one of the best. Now Days Obando still growing in his Production and DJ career, transforming each time more his fabulous sound into one more mature.

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