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Objetivo Birmania is a Spanish synth pop group formed in 1982 by Paco Musulen (synths), Luis Elices (guitars), Javier Escauriaza (drums), Carlos de France (bass) and vocalist Mari Paz, who was replaced by Yolanda Hens. Backing vocals by Mónica Gabriel y Galán y Ana. The group was influenced by other acts like Chic, B´52 or Kid Creole & The Coconuts. The first works were “Shiwips” / “Exposición Fotográfica”, “Cocofunk” / “Telegrama ¿Cómo se va?”, “Llorando hasta el amanecer” / “Chico tímido”, and “No te aguanto más” / “La Organización”. In 1985 their major hit, titled “Desidia” / “Tongo”, was released. One year later, appeared the album titled “Todos los hombres son iguales” Paco and Luis left the group. In 1989, Carlos and Monica did a come back with two new vocalists: Lola Baldrich and Marisa Pino. In the new stage, Objetivo Birmania peaked at #1 with the single "Los Amigos De Mis Amigas Son Mis Amigos".

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