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There are several bands called Oblique. 1. The Spanish synthpop band Two lovers of the electronic music join and form Oblique. They are Sonja (vocals & lyrics) and Gonzalez (synth & programming). At the end of 2008, for the same love to the electronic music, Linn joins the band in order to play the bass and synth support. He's also collaborating on the programming of new songs. Influenced for the sound of bands like The Human League, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, Client, Ladytron, Tiga or Soulwax among others and all this seasoned of their unmistakable personal look, they introduce us into an electronic universe where the 80's culture and the dark-dance and dancing music have their signature. Already with three edited releases with Greenland Productions (Acapulco, Wonderful Opulence, Acapulco [Special Edition]) and their remixes (This is my...Remixes), Oblique has achieved to cross borders being at present in MTV Italy or receiving praises from Portugal (T'ho Porto), United Kingdom (Electronically Yours), Belgium (Side-Line Magazine) or Germany (Electropop. 3) on the part of musical critics in magazines, web sites and of supporters of the Oblique sound. The band has remixed artists of the caliber of Isaac Junkie (Mexico), OBK (Spain), Pedro Marin (Spain), Spunky (Spain), Alive (Spain), Munich'72 (Spain), Northern Kind (UK) or Parralox (Australia) and has participated in different compilations in Spain like F.E.A.2004, Fantastico Club, Otros Mundos Pop, Electronicaautor Vol.2, Mondo Futura Vol.1, Strongbow Gold, Pop a Porter 06, Metro On Music, in Canada like "G" CD GLOBAL 2, in USA like Woobiebear or in UK like EY Vol.1. We also find the music of Oblique in films like Sexy Killer (Miguel Marti) that was presented in the International Film Festival of Sitges 2008 with an unedited song of the band called "Telegraphic Kisses" (EMI Publishing). Oblique was the best electronic band in the I Spanish Pop Prizes to the POP-EYE 2006 celebrated in Caceres (Spain), winning band of the competition Metro on Music that carries out METRO newspaper like best electronic band in 2007 and of Heineken Kulture Movement that takes them to play beside Pet Shop Boys, The Gift or The Pinker Tones and other bands in the Heineken Greenspace in Valencia. Their videoclip "My Medicine" directed by Oscar Rajah has won two audience awards in Medina del Campo Festival at 22nd Week of Cinema and in Musiclip International Festival 2009. In 2008, Oblique signs for the company of management Actua Musica and enters to be part of the family of EMI Publishing. In this new stage, Oblique constructs their new album Without Making Noise, a personal, dark, electronic, full of elegant nuances album and that is believed that will be their best work so far. ELECTRONICALLY YOURS (UK), a website about English electronic music, has chosen Oblique: "All we want" as one of the songs of EY's Top 20 electro tracks of 2008 including it in the compilation Electronically Yours Vol.1. 2. The Dutch progressive rock band Formed in 1985 by Gerard Stokkink and Tommy Bachmann (ex Time Bandits), who are already working together in the music business since 1983. They have worked with many modern dance- and theatre companies, f.e. The Shosaku & Dormu Dance Theatre, and develloped a unique way of composing music for AV-productions. Their only CD, Oblique (CBS 26218), launched in 1985 was highly acclaimed and used as an example for many compilations since. It features a wide spectrum of great musicians and was listed as "one of the best Dutch albums ever" (MusicMaker). Their original music and surrealistic performance motivated Mick Jagger to invite them to join the Rolling Stones concerts as a supporting-act. Because of their unique way of using synthesizers (synths were primitive those days!!) and their "total performance" they toured at all prestigous international music- and theatre-festivals world-wide. Oblique stopped performing in 1988 in order to fully focus on composing music for audio-visuals. Today they hold an impressive portfolio of high-end materila. Experience, flaxability and improvisation on stage proved to be the perfect basis to compose music-scores and TV-leaders. In 1991 Oblique contributed the track Time to the first SI Compilation Disc. A disc released to commemorate the occasion of the tenth anniversary of SI Magazine, a well known progressive rock magazine in the Netherlands, nowadays known as iO Pages.

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