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Oblivion biography

1) Oblivion is a technical death metal band from California, USA that formed in 2007 by members(and ex-members) of Antagony, Alchemicon, All Shall Perish and Feast. On January 1st, 2013, they released their debut album ''Called to Rise''. Recommended for fans of Spawn of Possession, Necrophagist, Man Must Die and Odious Mortem. 2) Formed in 1984, OBLIVION is a Thrash Metal band from Toms River, NJ, USA. It was releasing through the now defunct, Bestial Malevolence Records. Go to www.oblivionband.com or www.facebook.com/OBLIVIONusa to listen and stay up to date on the current recording of new material for an independent label release in 2014. Formers members were in Solace, Breakdown, etc., listen to OBLIVION at http://www.last.fm/music/OBLIVION+(official) 3) Death metal band Goczałków/Strzegom, Poland. Years active: 2006-present. Released 3 demos and 2 albums. They are expected to release a new album sometime in the first half of 2013, and are currently recording new songs. 4) A heavy hardcore band from Tacoma, Washington. Members of Open Fire, Nothing To Prove and Never Looking Back. 5) A punk band from Chicago, IL. 6) Electronic producer from Sao Paulo, Brazil. 7) A Thrash/Speed metal from Pula, Croatia. Disbanded. Years active: 1998-2000. Released 1 demo. 8) The original name of Quebecois thrash metal band Obliveon. 9) Death metal band from Czech Republic 10) A melodic death/thrash metal band from Limassol, Cyprus. 11) Heavy/Thrash Metal from Bogota, Colombia. Years of Activity: 2002-2010. Released: 1 album + 1 EP. Now called Oblivionscope. 12) Old School Power Metal from Tampa Bay, Florida, United States. Years active: 1984-present. Release: 3 demos. 13) Melodic Death/Thrash Metal from Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Released 1 album in 2000. Status: Unknow. 14) Heavy/Traditional Metal from Wilhelmsfeld/Heidelberg, Baden-Württemberg, Germany 15) Heavy Metal from Beirut, Lebanon. Years active: 2007-2012. Released 1 MCD in 2010. They played their last concert on August 17th, 2012, at the Quadrangle Hazmieh in Beirut, Lebanon. 16) Thrash Metal from Castellarano (Reggio Emilia), Emilia-Romagna, Italy. Years active: 1989-?. Released 1 album in 1991. 17) Thrash Metal from Toms River, New Jersey, United States. Years active: 1984-present. Released 7 demos between 1985 and 1990, and relased through Bestial Malevolence. In September 2009 they released a CD with 3 demos and some unreleased tracks from 1991, titled Remixed then Resurrection. Indie label EP release of "Mankind Become Inhuman" scheduled for 2013 release, followed by a full-length in 2014. 18) Thrash Metal from North Carolina, United States. Released an album in 1989. 19) Progressive Metal from Neunkirchen/Saarbrücken/Saarlouis, Saarland, Germany. Released 1 EP in 97. 20) Thrash Metal from Gambrills, Maryland, United States. Years active: 1987-1993. Released 3 demos. 21) Melodic Death Metal from Cham, Bavaria, Germany. Formerly known as Firelectric (2005-2007). Released 1 album. 22) Religious Thrash Metal from Sweden. Released 1 album. 23) An alias of drum'n'bass duo Source Direct

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