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Czech black/death/experimental band founded in 2000. Currently two men project. First demo ("The Final Destination") recorded in the same year, followed by the "Wishing The Renaissance" EP released in 2003 on Radiation Noise Prod. Full length album "Mighty Cosmic Dances" was recorded in late 2004 and released following year by I.F.A. records in Czech Rep. and by Deepsend records (CM sublabel) worldwide. Third album "Communitas (Deconstructing the Order)" released via Werewolf production in October 2009. The album is strongly inspired by social and cultural anthropology and contains many unusual elements as well as Björnar E. Nilsen of VULTURE INDUSTRIES (Nor) as a guest on vocals in two songs. The band combines different elements (saxophone, didgeridoo, etc.) with standard death/black metal influences. Important part of their music is programming. The used drum machine on their debut album what brought to it a cold and space atmosphere. The album was inspired by sci-fi and scientific themes. Discography: "The Final Destination" (demo 2001) "Wishing The Renaissance" (EP, 2003) "Mighty Cosmic Dances" (full length, 2005) "Communitas (Deconstructing The Order)" (full length, 2009) links: www.myspace.com/oblomovcz; www.myspace.com/mythagocz current label: Werewolf production Some album details: Title: "Communitas (Deconstructing the Order)" Tracklist: ............ 1/ The Carnival 2/ Masquerade 3/ Deconstructing the Order 4/ SEPARATION 5/ Ship of Fools on its Way to Timelessness 6/ Wings of the Silver Drake 7/ LIMINALITY 8/ Romans 1580 9/ INCORPORATION 10/ Farewell to the Flesh 11/ Mysterium Tremendum 12/ 1206 (The Shadow of Burchan Chaldun 13/ Jeke Mongol Ulus 14/ Silencio y Tranquilidad 15/ Silencio Line-Up: OBLOMOV Honza V. (also a member of PANYCHIDA) – music, lyrics, guitars, bass, main vocals, narration, melodic vocals Martin H. – music, bass, programming, melodic vocals, saxophone, didgeridoo, flutes, keyboards, moutharph .. .. Guests: Honza Kapák – drums, guitars, bass, recording engeneering (AVENGER, PANYCHIDA, THE STONE, ex-MANIAC BUTCHER, etc.).... Pavel D. – guitars, music.... Björnar E.Nilsen – vocals (VULTURE INDUSTRIES, Nor).... Arthuur (UNHOLY KILL) – guitar solo.... Lord Morbivod (TROLLECH) – screams Oblomov is also a folk/world band from Flanders with: Eva de Roovere (vocals), Gerry De Mol (vocals, guitars, guitarra portueuesa, ukelele, charango), Jan Cordemans (fretless bass, 5 string bass), Mattias Laga (klarinet, chalumeau, saxophone), Osama Adbulrasol (quanoon, guitar- and Azeddine Jazouli (raq, darbouka, bendir, tablas, percussion). Album: >Sporen (2001)

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