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There are different artists under the name Obscurity: (1) Obscurity (SE) - Death Metal from Malmö, Sweden (2) Obscurity (DE) - Pagan/Viking Metal from Velbert, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany (3) Obscurity (NL) - Darkcore/DJ, Netherlands. (4) Obscurity (SE) - Death Metal from Järfälla, Sweden Obscurity (SI) - Thrash/Dark Metal from Ljubljana, Slovenia Obscurity (GR) - Black/Death Metal from Athens, Attica, Greece Obscurity (TR) - Death Metal/Grindcore from Eskisehir, Turkey Obscurity (US) - Death Metal from Grand Island, New York, United States Obscurity (PT) - Gothic/Doom Metal from Matosinhos - Porto, Portugal Obscurity (US) - Thrash Metal from San Francisco, California, United States Obscurity (DE) - Death Metal from Kirchhain, Hesse, Germany Obscurity (DE) - Melodic Death Metal from Lübbenau, Brandenburg, Germany 1) OBSCURITY (SWE): Obscurity was a old swedish Death/Thrash Metal-band formed in 1986. They released two legendary Demos "Ovations To Death" (1986) and "Damnations Pride" (1987) which were both released on CD in 1998. 2) OBSCURITY (GER): Obscurity is also a german viking / black metal band formed in 1996. They released 2 Demos and 2 Full-Length-Albums. 3) DJ OBSCURITY: DJ Obscurity is rocking the underground music scene since the first time he touched a vinyl record at the age of 15. For the past seven years, the world of Darkcore music has been enhanced by the methodical, industrial beats of DJ Obscurity- and to this day he is producing creative underground tracks that continue to thrill his audiences. 4) OBSCURITY (SWE): One more Swedish death metal band with the same name. Formed 1990 in Järfälla and released one EP, "Wrapped in Plastic" (1992). Matti and Robert used to play in the Swedish black metal band "Dark Funeral". Jocke Widfeldt - Lead Vocals / Guitar Matti Mäkelä - Guitar / Backing Vocals Robert Lundin - Drums / Backing Vocals Martin Modig - Bass There are a lot more bands with the name Obscurity. Feel free to add more!

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