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There are at least six bands playing under the name Obsidian. This bio is about the Dutch progressive death metal band. Heavy grooves, bashing polyrhythms and hypnotizing melodies: since 2002 the Amsterdam based band Obsidian is gushing out it’s unique style of deathmetal unto the world. Obsidian has already played big Dutch venues like the Melkweg and Paradiso in Amsterdam, the Mezz in Breda and the P60 in Amstelveen, supporting bands like Textures and Gorefest. Shortly after the release of the band’s first full-length album, Robbe K (Disavowed, Arsebreed) stepped up to join the Obsidian ranks. ‘Emerging’ was received with a lot of enthusiasm by the press (see next page), and it didn’t take long for a label to take interest in Obsidian. In March 2007 Obsidian signed with Rusty Cage Records (also known for Non-Divine and Cypher) for an official international re-release of ‘Emerging’, fully remixed and remastered and fitted with new vocals by Robbe K. After the release of ‘Emerging’ followed some prestigious gigs, among which an appearance at the Arnhem Metal Meeting 2008 with metal legends like Satyricon, Sodom, Asphix, Marduk, Primordial and Unleashed. Some time later bass player Glen decided that his path was going to continue outside of Obsidian. Luckily a more then worthy replacement was found in Gerben van der Bij (Disavowed) who took over the duty’s on bass. In November 2009 Obsidian was ready for a following step. The material for the band’s second full-length album was finished and the band found Candlelight Records prepared to help them to the next level. A deal was inked with which ‘Point Of Infinity’, Obsidian’s second official full-length album, would be published worldwide by Candlelight Records. The nine new tracks on ‘Point Of Infinity’ sound heavier and more balanced then all previous material en show a mote matured Obsidian. A band that’s ready to broaden the horizon of the contemporary scene in a significant way. Obsidian is... Robbe K : vocals Sjaak Kassies : guitar / clean vocals Melle Kramer : drums Simon Lawford : guitar Gerben van der Bij : bass Official Site: http://www.obsidian.nu. Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/obsidianrocks

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