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They say that obstacles are only made to be overcome, like rules are meant to be broken. As if there is nothing great about being an obstacle, or as if we should not be thankful that obstacles present themselves along the way. Obstacles are an instrumental rock trio playing complex rock music with an incredible energy. Drums, bass and guitar might be a classic instrumentation, but Obstacles sounds nothing like classic rock. This is unpredictable, challenging and catchy as hell. In 2010 Obstacles released their debut album Dividual. A product of over a year’s hard work with writing, touring and recording. The outcome was an ambitious take on instrumental rock music combining great, almost epic melodies, ever changing rhythmic patterns and unconventional song-writing. Dividual was recorded, produced & mixed by Jacob Reichert Nielsen (Lack, Rising, Trust etc.) and mastered by Alan Douches. Having perfected the controlled, well-structured output on Dividual – a relentless musical assault of tightness and timing - the band felt an urge to tackle the song-writing in a completely different way. Loosing up, Letting go. Trying to make the impossible, possible by making complex music flow in a more free form. After a swift and spontaneous writing-process, 4 tracks were ready to be captured. Obstacles teamed up with their friend Sune Kaarsberg to begin the recordings of Oscillate in their studio. This was a very dynamic process filled with experiments in sound and form. The result is breathtaking. Like being caught in a beautiful storm where chaos and energy reigns. While still somewhat futuristic in its aesthetics, Oscillate can also be considered a nod back to a hazy forgotten past, paying homage to legends of prog-rock and jazz-fusion whilst still maintaining the punchiness and vigor of their previous releases. After the release of Oscillate, Niels-Peder departed from the band, condensing Obstacles to a three-piece. Eager to pursue their virtues, Morten, Thomas and Jeppe decided to go on unharmed, giving the ol' power-trio format a refreshing kick in the rear end – using the new redefined line-up as a playground for further explorations of their sound. Obstacles is first and foremost a live band. Obstacles perform live shows that are not to be missed. Over their many tours during the last few years (covering the whole of Europe and even Russia) the band has evolved into being a tight and intense unit - to a level that is almost scary. Obstacles are always creating an engaging vibe which is leaving your head bobbing, feet dancing and your beat up ears wanting more. Expect to be blown away. Obstacles are: Thomas Feltheim - guitar Morten Clausen - drums Jeppe Street Jarlstrøm - bass Official website

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