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Occult biography

1) Occult is a Dutch Thrash Metal band, with Black Metal influences that started in 1989. After a live-demo and a studio demo they got signed to Foundation 2000 where they recorded 'Prepare to meet thy doom' and 'The enemy within'. 'The enemy within' was recorded with known thrash producer Harris Johns. They then signed to Massacre records to record 'Of flesh and blood'. After 'Of Flesh and Blood' guitarist Leon was fired from the band due to musical differences. Guitarist Richard took over the main writing duties. This marked the change in style observed between the first three records and anything released after that. In 2005, Occult together with their new management/label decided to change their name into Legion Of The Damned. 2) Occult is a deep dubstep artist with releases on Innamind Records. http://soundcloud.com/occult-science 3) Occult were a French death metal band active from 1990-1992. They recorded one EP, Intersincarnael, and a split with Broken Fear before calling it a day. 4) Occult are a Chilean black/thrash band formed in 2011. They have released one demo tape to date, entitled Metal Darkness. 5) Occult is a folk duo from Sweden. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Occult/431644856971160?fref=ts

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