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Of German and French extract, Ocean Gaya’s first contact with music was through listening to a wide range of 70’s psychedelic jazz rock and black music in his childhood. When living in London in the 90’s he discovers the acid jazz wave and later the UK’s underground instrumental house. This sound that was bringing small club crowds together into a unique energy left him indelible memories. Ocean Gaya started producing tracks after a couple of years spent sailing across the oceans as a free-lance skipper. His collection of outstanding voyage memories had to be expressed in a concrete form. With some precious friends around, like Christoph Kardek (Fiat lux/ Distance), he slowly finds his color, an instinctive and smooth approach of deep house, bringing together old and contemporary sounds into expressive soundscapes. Today he produces an elegant, deep, techno-flavoured house, attracting an ever-increasing audience.

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