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Like their name, Oceans Divide are a culmination of active rock energy and aggression and modern alternative hooks, both medlodic and heavy, their songs of personal struggle, love, life, and hope are anthems for a new generation looking for something more than the promise of becoming the beneficiary of their parents mistakes. Their self titled debut record, was produced by RED songwriter/guitarist Jasen Rauch and was mixed by Brian Virtue (Breaking Benjamin, Chevelle, My chemical Romance, Cavo). The album is a refreshing blast of melodic hard/alternative rock, drawing deep from the band’s personal experiences. With the song, “See what I see,” lifting off from an infectious guitar riff into a blistering song with emotional lyrics in which lead vocalist/frontman Chris McCoy belts, “watch the world with bloodshot eyes/ maybe than Ill see what you see/a cold embrace that sucks you dry/ leaving you so sick and empty”. Just one listen is all it takes to realize that this band is the real deal. “Lyrically I came at this with my uncle in mind” States McCoy. “He passed away several years ago. The family watched him slowly kill himself through alcohol and It was a hard truth to deal with because he didn’t want to be helped.” Oceans Divide was founded by lead vocalist/frontman Chris McCoy and guitarist Eric Varnell in Spokane, Wa. The duo solidified the line up with the addition of drummer Silas McQuain, and twin brothers Dan and John Goodman(Bass and Guitar respectiveley.) “Although we’re a young band, we’ve all known each other for years” says McCoy. “The chemistry is great and we have the same goals musically. This band just feels right.” Take the aggressive riffs of active rock, add it to the story telling of a modern day poet and the hooks and melody of what makes a song so infectious it stays stuck in your head for days and you begin to understand Oceans Divide.

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